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Using Social Media for Dynamic Branding

hd-logo_black_800x800.300dpiRe-branding is nothing new (no pun intended). But utilizing social media to re-brand can help you to define your brand early on and preparing you to go the distance. This holds true for both personal and corporate branding. Both types of branding align; they face similar challenges. Branding should always be dynamic to keep up with the times.

The following article presents lessons from a Stanford Graduate School of Business speech by Stanley Kirk Burrell, also professionally known as M.C. Hammer.

Branding reflects on the culture of the person or the company. It will become bigger than the products and services you provide. Your fans may not be fans of your products or services. Either way, you have to use social media to control the message. Negative comments and ratings can impact your personal or corporate brand.

social-media-logosDefine the branding and control the message using social media tools. Define the look as it progresses throughout time. Your brand should change with the times. This is what will differentiate you from your competitors.

Define your target market, use all of the social media tools that are available, and send your social or message out there. Separate yourself. Define your brand early; don’t just focus on your products only.  Be willing to define what your brand and culture is.

cisco-logoCisco provides networking hardware like routers and switches. The company created a new product called The Flip, a mini camcorder. It didn’t use “marathon branding,” as it was deprecated in 2011 along with all of Cisco’s consumer business. This consumer electronics product was unfamiliar to the Cisco product users.

It’s not easy get people to adjust to a new behavior. People were not looking for consumer electronics for entertainment from Cisco. When you are a known brand that wants to introduce a new behavior, new products, or new services, you have to promote your new brand early.

apple-logoApple is a great example of a company that knows how to create new brands. Create brand awareness now and test market your new brand. With Apple iTunes, the company defined their brand early on and impacted the music industry until this day. They established the MP3 music culture and ran the marathon of branding.

You have to go the distance in marathon branding. Microsoft recognized that they were late in the gaming industry when they first introduced the Xbox and Microsoft was late in introducing Bing, which was a re-branding of MSN Search. Both companies recognized they were in it for the long haul, hence the term “marathon branding.”


hd-logo_black_800x800.300dpiGet feedback from your target market when you are re-branding. Even when you are not releasing new products and service, maintain a presence in your industry.

All your competition wants to tell your story. Use social media to tell the story yourself. Embrace social media marketing and networking when you’re re-positioning yourself.

Celebrating Small Business Nationwide [MSNBC Your Business]

Your BusinessThese are the highlights from the May 1, 2015 MSNBC Your Business episode:

  • The Small Business Administration is celebrating small business nationwide. We saw, through the Great Recession, how important the role of small business plays around the country. They play an important role in every community. Small Business Week has grown over the years.
  • Maria Conteras-Sweet, of the SBA, mentioned how corporations have a major spotlight, but small businesses create 2 out of every 3 new jobs. Small businesses play an important role in the job creation strategy. Small business have created 61 months of consecutive jobs growth; something that hasn’t been seen before.

We encourage our Christian community to support small businesses, like Heaven’s Disciples, so that we can continue to thrive.

You Can Now Embed Twitter Videos On Your Site

twitter-videoRecently, Twitter began allowing its users to upload and host videos on their micro-blogging site. You can now embed Twitter-hosted videos on your website using the embedded video widget. The embedded video widget makes use of the same JavaScript used to render tweet buttons and embed tweets.

To embed a video on your website, get started by clicking on the more dots ••• in a Tweet and then selecting “Embed Video.”



Next, copy and paste the generated HTML markup onto your website to display a Twitter uploaded video. The video widget displays the full, original Tweet when a viewer selects the Twitter logo.


Developers may programmatically generate embedded video markup by passing widget_type=video to our existing oEmbed-compatible API endpoint. Individual widgets may also be inserted using a JavaScript factory function supported by widgets-js.

Google Search Results Will Include Tweets

google-twitterYour tweets will soon show up in Google search results pages after Twitter reportedly strikes a deal with the search engine company. The change will be seen by users in the first half of 2015. Google will have access to Twitter’s data from all 284 million active users. Google will be able to show tweets as they are posted in the Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Twitter also provides data to Yahoo! and Bing.

What does this mean for you as a Tweeter user? Your tweets eill have a larger audience than before. You tweets will be instantly searchable. It’s unclear how Google will deal with deleted tweets. Google commands 75% of the Web search market and is still the number one most trafficked website worldwide.


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